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Agustina Montiel Moreno nude Argentinian model

Agustina Montiel Moreno nude Argentinian model

Agustina Montiel Moreno is better known as “whosagustina” or the Argentine model with heterochromia. But you get to know her better in these nude photos, which although they are in black and white, will make you feel the resurgence of silver flesh on the world stage after communism.

Agustina Montiel Moreno does a nude photo shoot for a photographer named Diego Roldan, who seems to have had no crayons and the images are black and white (no funny, I know). But despite my reluctance to publish monochrome galleries, in this case I had to.

Honestly, whenever I see an Argentinian girl I get a little joy and nostalgia at the same time. That time has long since passed when PlayBoy had a beauty from that country almost every week. Complete programs to delight with silver women of all kinds and colors.

It was a beautiful time when in that country there was talk of who was unfaithful to whom and how cold-chested Messi was. But one day they began to believe that there are free things in the world and well… yankee go home! … and they left. There is no Playboy anymore.

Then this young lady appears who I assume is young, because of her appearance and I get excited. You can’t blame me for that, I’m Latino and seeing good things in the region makes me excited, although maybe that joy doesn’t last long. Maybe what hard looking at her.

And I will do it slowly like that last kiss you give and where you concentrate a lot to record the moment and that it stays as much as possible in your head. But one day it will be gone, you won’t be able to remember it anymore! But here we have the images. We can go in whenever we want and see everything.

Her pretty figure with those small boobs that make me think of a girlfriend. Every time I see a girl with small tits I think of the one who would marry me being poor. I don’t know if it has anything to do with it or if I am somehow associating marriage with women who have a natural body.

Perhaps the cost of surgery leads me to that point unconsciously and I end up believing that you need money to have a busty woman operated on. Although someone else could have paid for the surgeries, in that case you must have a big one and I don’t think that’s the case. mine is not!

And now I have to go but I don’t want to leave without making you see her pussy. If you want to color that up to make it look better, I’d be happy to take a look at it with you. Black and white is so bad! I would have liked to see that pussy in color and with better shots. Not that I can complain though.

If you saw X-Men First Class you already know what heterochromia is, I’m not going to explain it to you. And if you haven’t seen her, then go see her after you get the hang of it by looking at this Latina. I’m not here to educate you, your teacher should have done that instead of asking for a raise every month.

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