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Anabella Galeano and her impressive fitness body

Anabella Galeano and her impressive fitness body

Anabella Galeano is a Nicaraguan with an impressive fitness body that she monetizes on Patreon, she doesn’t go out naked but she does show a lot of skin, which is already something for Intafans who settle for very little. But she is very horny, I must say that in her defense.

She is the first Nicaraguan I am talking about in ByteSexy and I hope that Anabella Galeano is not the last. Surely there is much more at the end of the tunnel. But it’s sad that she’s not naked even though it’s Patreon photos. I mean, that’s what it’s paid for!

But that’s how the free world is, you offer and everyone is free to buy, that’s why I said it’s enough for Instafans who settle for very little. Her fantasy goes through that woman who looks perfect and that her friends will envy at family gatherings.

Regardless that beyond appearances, it is whatever it may be. You know: it’s more important to look happy than to be! Because if you are and no one notices, what’s the point? The truth of many but I am not the one who is going to teach you that.

You must find out for yourself and that takes years of pain hidden between laughs of success. You don’t see Bill Gates selling courses to be successful! Because if you have the secret, you don’t sell it, you exploit it and you don’t tell anyone. That’s how selfish we are and that won’t change.

That’s why no one should judge this woman for ripping bills out of the hands of men who dream of a Victoria’s Secret model without looking like a Calvin Klein model. We demand what we don’t deserve and at least with it, fantasy can be bought.

I have no idea how it works to be his sponsor because I’m poor and I don’t have money for those things. I, like many other Latinos, have to settle for looking from afar at the life of luxury that others can give themselves. But for a small moment we can taste the glory behind an image.

Because of her impressive body, she makes us think of having a girl who looks like her. It’s easier if we see an image of a big ass; It is a help since the imagination does not go far when you live in misery. That’s why creativity is for millionaires.

At the end of the day everything will be better if you’ve seen a big ass with a great body who wants to provoke you as if you were her husband. Although you never will be; Although you will never have her close to her, nothing will change the fact that at the distance of a click, you could be close to her tits. Of course, no politician can take it away from you!

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