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Anastasia Semerenko Russian model in a nude with blue hair

Anastasia Semerenko Russian model in a nude with blue hair

Anastasia Semerenko is a Russian model with small tits, little known in the West but she has this interesting nude where we see her with blue hair and I didn’t want humanity to be left without seeing her pretty pussy.

It’s a matter of principle and we can also start to see a bit of Anastasia Semerenko. She is Russian, she has small tits and a taste for frontal nudity. So we can see her pussy. Although her other works are more in the style of madness than things that we always see.

I mean online you can get many profiles where she has uploaded photos with bodypaints. But you don’t see much. Yes, she’s nude, but it’s not the nudes we always want to see! We go more for the vulgar and simple. The most explicit or whatever you call it.

One or two photos appear on Reddit where we see her as an Emo girl. That’s because anyone who is white and changes the color of her hair, is badly called Emo. And it’s not that she has a problem with that, but the truth is that it’s a dick killer adjective that we should avoid.

Because no one wants to jerk off to a little slut who is surely going to die tomorrow or the day after. It’s rough and surely, in a way even illegal. But it is not the issue. I don’t know how much of an Allan Poe fan she is, but I do mean having a shaved pussy and showing it off makes her like me.

She is also a young girl, I say this because any girl with her genotype, surely at 23 will look like 30. So let’s say she is between 20 and 22 years old. It’s not very precise, but we’re looking at a porn page where models appear with their legs spread. What did you expect?

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