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Arina Bik fully nude Russian redhead model

Arina Bik fully nude Russian redhead model

Arina Bik (or Bikbulatova) is a 22-year-old Russian model, she is a natural (real) redhead and you will also see her completely naked. A young girl who can’t leave you indifferent after her beautiful tits with earrings and a tender shaved pussy. You’re welcome!

Arina Bik is one of those girls that no one knows but after we talk about something interesting with her photos here, then she ends up having the momentum she needs to gather a large number of fans who take her to OnlyFans or Patreon. I am already waiting for that affiliate link to make money.

I told them we would see a natural redhead model. No colored hair and no mixed race. She is a Russian who surely descends from those early Slavs. Plus we have all her nude photos of her so far. You will see her completely naked and there are no tricks, I am going to show you what I promise you.

Not like those sites that you frequent out of laziness that, in addition to inserting false content to play with your straws, also make you activate the adblock to be able to enjoy with peace of mind. But not only that, you will also see nice tits and nipples with earrings.

But for me the best thing of all is that beautiful shaved pussy that shows how smooth her skin is. Very white if you still don’t know what we’re talking about. That’s what I meant by Slavic. Not bad a bit of history bitch, that helps with the jacking off.

This session, the first corresponds to the most recent. It was done by a photographer named Lexa Kim and I think she just jumped on the trend to take advantage of what came into her studio. It is already obvious that later we will be talking much more about this girl.

Session for Sacha Leyendecker

Behind the beauty that we have in front of us, there is a story that although it is not incredible, it seems to me a little interesting. It turns out that The Moscow Times site in its «Generation P» section interviewed him. Using “Generation P” for that section, I didn’t get it.

The term is used for botany, but we already know that in Russia they are a bit crazy and we don’t see them paying more attention to it to avoid confusion. Beyond that, in said article, she herself recounts what her life has been like. Something that contrasted with Western life, is a bit interesting.

Starting with the fact that she claims she felt ugly. A little girl with many freckles on her face who was mistreated for it. That is to say: a very white little girl who is a victim of bullying in a country where everyone is very white. Come on, we already deserve to go extinct!

But another thing that seemed very curious to me is that she is 1.69 meters tall. Which made her height questioned to the point of thinking about leg lengthening surgery. Yes, the one where they cut you and stretch your legs to gain about two centimeters!

Made in Toyland behind the camera of Lexa Kim

That makes us very sorry that they say that any woman you see very pretty, there will be some guy tired of fucking her and who doesn’t want to know anything more about her. Or that all women are insecure no matter how beautiful they are. For me it is very revealing that a Norse Goddess feels ugly.

To continue with the story: it seems that as a teenager she moved in with a 30-year-old man. Her father did not agree because he wanted her to work in her company. Come on, good for the father but life outside Russia is not compared to working in a country where you will not progress.

But you also have to see the culture that surrounds it. She herself affirms that she was amazed with the respect that the Japanese have for everything after going to work in that country. Comparing her experiences in her own land. It’s like tasting sugar… you can’t go back.

And well, to finish it would be to leave what his mother is a veterinarian. That made her compete with a dog in those competitions that surely some of you understand. Not me, I just like cleaning up my dog’s shit every morning and spending a lot of money on his

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