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Calla Francesca modeling a sexy lingerie

Calla Francesca modeling a sexy lingerie

A blonde with blue eyes and 1.7 cm. Height is always good news, this time it’s Calla Francesca who is modeling a sexy lingerie that in addition to showing some transparencies, also lets us see a little of her boobs. A pinch of pepper for seasoning.

It’s not much really, you can say it’s almost nothing and here, really what we have to see are her legs and that pretty face. It is not customary for us to be here looking at Instagram-type images, nor is it that we think of eroticism in a metaphorical way.

Here, we usually talk about the explicit, but I’m sure that at any moment, she surprises with something hotter and that’s the real reason for this photo gallery: we want to be prepared for when she appears a little hotter, having already met her. It’s a good plan, don’t you think?

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