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Chloe Ferry material for Blacked showing her ass on the beach

Chloe Ferry material for Blacked showing her ass on the beach

You can be 24 and look like you’re 50, but it’s okay if you’re Chloe Ferry and you can get pressed showing your ass on the beach. Unless her buttocks look like material for Blacked and she’s English, there wouldn’t be anything new.

It is true, he participated in MTV Geordie Shore and Celebrity Big Brother in 2017, but those are things that we do not see in America and much less in Spain. Basically because it’s the garbage that ends up in the garbage on garbage television. But Chloe Ferry has a nice ass, yes!

I mean that if it weren’t for the fact that we imagine that in an economic emergency it could end up in Blacked as it has already happened, all this would be a waste of time. No one cares anymore who fucks who in high society. If there is no video or photos, we don’t care.

At least I lost that gene that makes you want to see every second of the lives of people who feel like they belong in high society, now everyone can have their own fans as long as they are big-assed or busty. Men, as always relegated to watching.

Mainly because it’s boring, I mean reading things that we can’t see is very boring. We are in an age where we need to see to click like to say we like it. That thing of imagining things was already out of fashion 200 years ago. Now we want live action.

This, more than an analysis of today’s social dynamics, is a kind of advice for this Englishwoman. Because if you want us to keep talking about her, you have to give us more than just a sample of her buttocks somewhere she’s been on vacation. We need to see her fucking.

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