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Ebonee Davis beautiful nude model for treats! Magazine

Ebonee Davis beautiful nude model for treats!  Magazine

Start the race riots in the USA and treats! Magazine rides the wave using the beautiful Ebonee Davis. Obviously, she’s a nude black model and her message is “we’re not racist.” Under that logic, neither do I because I’m a fan of Blacked.

And it disgusts me how you believe that the media and companies want good for everyone, when they simply want to make money. That’s not bad, I also want to make money, but I don’t put on the cloak of social justice to get there.

I’m not telling you we’re going to save the world while you’re looking at my page. And that is where the opportunists appear who want to profit from a real problem; that it is not exclusive to a region nor to a skin color. Racism goes in all directions and against all ethnicities!

So why not talk about a real solution? – because if we solve the problem, we won’t be able to make money from it. Do you know why I tell you that treats! Magazine rides the trend train with these photos? – Because this session was done a few years ago. Even more than two.

If it wasn’t for the crisis, they don’t remember how beautiful Ebonee Davis is. And it is what we must see, that not because some brand shows empathy with your pain, does it mean that they really feel it. She’s a for-profit corporation, don’t anthropomorphize her. They’re not bad but they’re not good either.

There are many people in the world who enjoy the beauty of a black model, many even prefer them. It is no coincidence that there are entire categories with girls of color of all kinds. From anywhere in the world. Because that’s the problem I have with Afrogingos, who think they’re the only ones on the planet to wear the color and Africans don’t matter.

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