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Hailey Queen completely naked in Playboy

Hailey Queen completely naked in Playboy

Surely you remember the Spanish Hailey Queen! Nobody can forget that beautiful ass so easily. Much less if she loves showing off naked like she does in this Playboy publication. This is literally more valuable than the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Hailey Queen posed nude for Playboy long before she was famous, her intention was obvious, that’s clear. But few know that the Spanish did it and very few have been able to see the photos. Until today, obviously. This girl has an ass that drives half the world crazy and whoever has seen her knows I’m not lying.

But for some reason these images were lost. I had already found out that she did it, but finding it was a great odyssey. It paid off, at a high cost. I don’t think she herself keeps these photos. What you can see is how young she was and how petite she looked. She was more of a skinny size. Although that would not be a problem at any time.

What I do want to emphasize is that, for my taste, blonde hair suits her better. Although you won’t even know what color it is because when they show you a great ass like the one she has, it’s hard for you to think about unimportant aesthetic details. But she looks very pretty, there is no doubt.

Maybe, just maybe, if he had and could choose, it is very likely that he would want her blonde. The same can be changed later, it’s just a tint, don’t make a big deal out of it. This is not Twitter.

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