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Kim Kardashian completely naked in unretouched photos

Kim Kardashian completely naked in unretouched photos

You shouldn’t doubt how hot Kim Kardashian is, but here are these photos where she comes out completely naked and without any digital retouching. They call it no makeup. Although the important thing is to see her tits and her pussy without cheating.

I firmly believe that this is the most amateur you will see of Kim Kardashian. I understand that her selfies seek that purpose, but in none of those photos will you see her completely naked, much less with such clarity as in this case. The details of her pussy are clear.

Here you can also see that her boobs have that droop of real breasts, they don’t look like something out of a Hentai and, in particular, it reassures me a lot. Although there is also some media contamination, since if you saw his XXX video you will know that it is true and not a lie.

I mean, there’s no better way to prove you’re not trans than with a XXX video, and the celebrity we’re talking about did that long before. Even before she was famous, that shot her to fame! And… my argument knocks down those YouTube baits about her being trans.

And the rest, about being a good or bad person, I’m not going to get into that. The garbage psychology of opinionators without life, I leave it to others. Mine are the celebrities who get slutty and I only see them. I also share with you not to feel like I’m the only pervert, but no more than that.

What if no one can argue – no one who is not a fool – is the talent that has had both to change social networks and the Internet itself. Those influencers of today, who act as weathervanes after the trending, would be nothing if this woman had not appeared showing her big ass.

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