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Lina Lorenza and the best of all her nude sessions

Lina Lorenza and the best of all her nude sessions

Excluding the one I’ve already posted, we’ll have the best of all Lina Lorenza nude photos. The Italian model that I told you that you should know because of her beautiful tits and also that fascination that she has of taking off her clothes so that they can see her.

It is in bad taste and rude that when this happens, you do not see it. Lina Lorenza is a model and if she wants to be naked, you are nobody to stop her! It’s her body and it’s her decision. So all you can do is revel in her pretty tits and let the world go on.

It’s not your daughter or your girlfriend. You would like her to be your girlfriend and to be fighting here so that no one sees her. She logically must be the girlfriend of some man or woman, but surely they will not be here because they will be enjoying the beauty of the Italian.

I have something with that country that I am very passionate about. From Roman times to Rebecca Volpetti and going through a long etcetera. I couldn’t say if in another life I was a Roman emperor and everything comes from there. I would have to believe in reincarnation and… NOP!

Those ideas are for primitive people who, in their limited logic, assume everything as divine and special. The truth is that it is very simple; It is very difficult to know the history and be fascinated by the role that this land has had, even more so when you belong to the West.

Yes, you are Western even if you wear red shirts and with your iPhone and proclaim equality on Twitter! I didn’t want to be the one to tell you, but I already did. And while we’re at it, then I’m going to keep telling you things: stop being an asshole and start watching porn like normal people and let yourself be happy.

Because that is what you express, it seems that your happiness does not matter but the unhappiness of others. We feel like you won’t stop until you see the whole world burn just because you want to feel anti-establishment and you don’t care about anything other than making your point. Even if you don’t have a point.

That’s why I want to invite you to spend a few minutes with this woman, she doesn’t know you and you don’t know her either. You can see her without her clothes on and she won’t know you’re doing it. The best thing is that it is completely legal for you to do so. They don’t spy on you through your iPhone.

Well… really yes! But it’s not you, no one cares about a loser who came out of the third world and now lives comfortably in the first world sending messages of class struggle on social networks. Everyone knows that when you take a bath all that will be removed and it will be a stage overcome.

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