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Liza Vaiss as a sexy naked Russian bunny

Liza Vaiss as a sexy naked Russian bunny

Liza Vaiss (or Elizaveta as friends call her) is a young Russian model who wants to conquer your heart, her technique: being naked like a sexy bunny and she already has your attention. Any girl who shows her boobs does, but she’s very pretty.

I’m not saying that others aren’t, but now it’s time to talk about Liza Vaiss who seems to be in fashion. She doesn’t surprise me, she’s naked and she’s a very sexy Russian model, she also knows how to make people see her. All this, with a good promo.

OnlyFans, fan club and some editorials make her appear in many places. Just looking for her name you will know that she is a girl who sells photos where she shows her boobs and that is enough for you to keep looking. Her official IG is: @lizavaiss, but it’s in Russian. Although it matters little.

You just want to see her images and like her to see if at some point she is interested in that profile and ends up sending you an MD to tell you that she is in love with you. Then you send her pictures of your dick and they live happily ever after. Although that “always” does not work.

Because after the happy ending, comes the next day that can’t be the same. It must be worse, if you can’t tell the difference between a good day and a bad day, then the other doesn’t exist. There must be a bad day for a good day to exist. Therefore, unhappiness is necessary to be happy.

After you have picked up the pieces of brain that were scattered all over your room, you should have learned that thinking is not a good idea. The best thing is to take out your cock without questioning who is the beauty that will accompany you on the journey of your masturbation and start working.

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