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Risa Izumi Japanese model doing nude gymnastics

Risa Izumi Japanese model doing nude gymnastics

Actress, model and singer, also known as Chisaki Hama or Risa Izumi to the West, the important thing is her nude photos. Some kind of photo shoot where she does gymnastics and shows off her boobs to sell on Amazon, so we’re really seeing it.

There is no work that you could have seen of her unless you are very Otaku, in that case it is also difficult, the truth is that we are in the presence of a woman (32 years old) who wants to take off her clothes so you can see her and obviously —because we are very gentlemen—, we are going to do it.

Actually this publication is from 2016 and nobody paid attention to it, but it seems that now everyone wants to see how she does a perfect opening of her legs and how the people ask what they ask, so here are the complete images with cover included so you can see that if I love you so much.

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