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Tatiana Panakal Spanish model showing her boobs

Tatiana Panakal Spanish model showing her boobs

Tatiana Panakal is one of those Spanish models that has come out recently, obviously she has to show her boobs for us to talk about her. At least her blogs, you just want to see her naked. But she is a young brunette that they have to start following.

Somehow those of us who run blogs are always judged, those of us who try to say something good about the model, although we don’t always succeed, we try. You guys who just want to see Tatiana Panakal’s boobs are the good guys. Those who are tempted and fall into temptation.

But this girl, although she needs little more promotion, it can be said that she has potential. I say that it can be said because really anything can be done, but the Spanish woman has to do her part if she wants to get a bit of fame and make money. Because that’s the point of fame.

We, who review its beauty, can only aspire to share, because there is never money for us. Just the stigma of being perverts who see naked women. As if it was bad to see naked women. Nudity cannot be bad if it is something inherent to the human.

Humans invent clothes, by taking them off… do you understand? So it can’t be bad that we like to see girls without any clothes. It is to know more; want to see more in order to understand more. Those who believe that it is the same, that there is nothing to see and that it is the same to see one and the other.

Those are the ones that really objectify. By generalizing, they just want to put everyone in the same frame. And we are not the same, we cannot be: not everyone has the same sexual orientation or the same sexuality. So why do you believe in the promises of that politician who offers you equality?

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