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Viki Odintcova finally naked for Treats! Magazine

Viki Odintcova finally naked for Treats!  Magazine

Viki Odintcova is that Russian model that 3 years ago I told you I wanted to see naked, Treats! Magazine did us the favor, we have the photos of her with the best shots so far of her beautiful and big tits. Life is beautiful, don’t doubt it!

Let’s go by steps, 3 years ago I made an entry where she appeared in Dubai hanging from a building of more than 40 floors. Something that caused a lot of vertigo and is still on YouTube. Here too, but let’s go to another topic. The truth is that everything started from a Mavrin campaign.

Yes, the well-known Russian photographer who seems to be living the dream of every man on the planet! Honestly, after seeing some other things she did on Instagram, I didn’t think this day would come.

Because 5 million followers on Instagram and a verified profile make any girl, no matter how Russian a model, want to become the one who never took off her clothes. Especially if she has managed to profit that way. But look, here we are looking at Viki Odintcova’s nude photos and I personally am enjoying it.

I feel that it is like part of a fulfilled dream and part of a job done. Since, by the time I spoke of her for the first time, no one had. I found out about it through the photographer’s YouTube channel. There I saw this beauty and it was impossible for me to ignore her.

Now I see that not only I felt that, but also the people of Treats! Magazine and now we are a group of perverts who are waiting to see this busty pussy. Yes, a goal was met! Now we need to go for more, because nothing ends until the referee blows the final whistle.

So now we have time for something else and that more must be this woman’s pussy. Unless they don’t agree with me and are already satisfied with just having seen her breasts. You will say if they are mediocre.

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