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Yulia Ezerskaya Russian model with tattoos nude

Yulia Ezerskaya Russian model with tattoos nude

Nobody should be surprised that there are Russian models like Yulia Ezerskaya, who is naked is nothing new, but who has tattoos and that is not very common. Or not as tattooed as the busty blonde we’re going to meet today.

The truth is that it will be more like a date, something of a day or a night after a few drinks. Because we will not spend Christmas at her house or ask for her hand. This is because the information I have about her does not go beyond the obvious.

I mean yes, she is a Russian model, that is confirmed. She is posing nude for Petr Demichev, no one can deny that either. Besides, he has tattoos, which we are seeing too. But beyond that, nothing. I assume she may be a new girl who wants to break into the West.

And if that’s the case, it’s off to a great start. Showing her rich operated boobs. Yes, they are operated! Because there is no better way to stand out than showing what is on offer. Nothing of comfortable terms, what you are seeing is what you are going to buy, so: take my money!

Come on, we are not talking about another girl that we see once and then we will forget who it was because we did not know more about her. She spends a lot in Russia. They may end up kidnapped by the mafia or get some millionaire in Dubai who wants to take advantage of the few years they have of youth.

We can’t really determine that for sure since we’re not NYT. But I do have some good hopes with this busty blonde. Something tells me that it is not the last time we see her nor will it be the best we will see of her. I think she will be the next girl to draw a lot of fluids from us.

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